Toilet Unblocking

The worst place to find a blockage in your home can be your toilet. Not only does it put your toilet out of action it poses a health risk when waste overflows into your bathroom, sometimes a plunger just isn’t enough.

Our plumbers are clean and respectful of your home no matter what kind of toilet blockage they are dealing with. We provide fast toilet unblocking to get your water system moving with minimal disruption to your day whilst keeping your property and toilet facilities in good condition.

  • Unblocking
  • Manual Rodding
  • Remove Foreign Objects
  • Macerators & Saniflows
  • Jetting & Microsore Cameras

So if you’re concerned about tackling the job of unblocking your toilet yourself then you can call us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Sink Unblocking

All the sinks in your house get used on a daily basis, whether you’re washing your hands in the bathroom or washing meat in the kitchen you need them free flowing every day. Hard water areas can experience a scum build up or you might have congealed grease and fat from food causing a blockage.

When you discover a blocked sink if you call us and we come to unblock your sink that same day. Our service is quick and professional because we know you have bigger things to do with your day than wait for a plumber.

  • Trap & Pipe Cleaning
  • Mechanical Worm
  • Bathroom, Basin, Kitchen & Shower

So if you have a troublesome U-bend or something deeper you can call us and we will help you out. Our sink unblocking services are available in in Amsterdam, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, Ijburg, Purmerend, Amstelveen, Halfweg, Zwanenburg, Badhoevedorp, Almere, Hilversum and Villages surrounding to fulfil your plumbing needs around your schedule. Villages and Towns surrounding so don’t put the job off any longer.


Drainage Services

We specialise in drainage systems and drainage unblocking for any type of drain in and around your house. At plumber Jongen we fully trained to get your water system flowing as it should.

  • Drains – Internal & External
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Manual Rodding
  • CCTV Surveys

There are numerous reasons your drains can get blocked ranging from congealed grease and fat building up from food to damaged pipes and plumbing. The results can be unpleasant to say the least, signs you have a blocked drain include difficulty flushing your toilet, bad smells and water coming back up your pipes and drains.


Drainage Unblocking

When bad smells and blocked drains strike in your home it can be difficult to put up with, no air freshener can cover up the horror. You need a professional, and at plumber Jongen we can offer you exactly that.

With no call-out charges and a one hour response time you’d be crazy to let a drainage problem in your home go unchecked. We operate a 24 hour service and have fixed fees so there are no hidden surprises.

  • Internal & External Drains
  • Gulley & Drains
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Degreasing & Cleaning
  • Look & See CCTV Cameras
  • Blocked Toilets, Baths & Sinks
  • Root Cutting

If you need your drain unblocking or you want us to check out your drains then call us to arrange a visit, we provide clean and tidy workmanship in your home.


Water Jetting

A brilliant and effective way of clearing the drains connected to your property is to have them jetted. Using a high pressure jetting service no blockage is out of our reach, we have trained plumbers experienced in using water jetting to remove stubborn blockages.

A strange smell can linger and force itself around your home and property if a blockage occurs. Using a rod may only push a blockage further away while power jetting can blast the blockage and disintegrate the mass. Specialist equipment can travel much further and navigate around corners to get almost anywhere.

  • Internal & External Drains
  • Gulley & Drains
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Degreasing & Cleaning
  • Look & See CCTV Cameras
  • Blocked Toilets, Baths & Sinks
  • Root Cutting

There is no call-out charge with us at plumber Jongen and high pressure drain jetting clears 99% of all blockages, so get in touch with us today by calling or emailing.


CCTV Surveys

Often a blockage can be so elusive or so deep rooted in your drains that the only way to assess the situation is to have a CCTV drain survey. This involves passing telescopic equipment through your pipe work to identify a blockage.

Once identified it makes the problem easier to solve, at plumber Jongen we want to offer the most efficient and effective service for unblocking your drain. CCTV can also identify any internal structural problems with your drainage.

Whether you need a blockage identified for removal or a drain inspection when moving into a new property, then call us today and we will provide you with a comprehensive CCTV service to suit your request.

  • CCTV Reports
  • Look & See Cameras
  • Fault Finding
  • Internal / External
  • Drains, Toilets & Gulleys